The king’s new dress – 1.1 is out!


Hi there! 🙂

After more than a half year I came out, with the next version of my favorite plugins. In some forums, they call it as the only alternative to create CMS-like functionality in WordPress.

To tell the truth, I’m glad, because for the last half year reached 4000+ downloads of this plugin. And I’m thankful, for all of you commenting, and supporting me, with your bug reports.

But, now, get the facts:

  • Category listing filter added and works together with category lister widgets
  • Fully tested and bugfixed for WordPress 2.1
  • Bugfixed the missing-categories case
  • Bugfixed link category handling
  • Restructured Dashboard

Important notice about widgets:
Currently the built-in widgets are very hard to customize, because the authors did not think about customization of them. So the solution will be, to release some customizable widgets, that does the same as the original ones, but enables the capability to fine tune the options we needed for category exclusion and friends…

March 11th 2008 Releases