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This week Advanced Category Excluder plugin has reached the 10.000 download, and still counting.

I’m very pleased that, I could help to so many people, with this plugin, and don’t worry, I continue the developement, I still have ideas to implement, bugs to fix, and new features to develope.

I just simply want to say thank you, to all of you, who are using this plugin, to make your virtual life easier.
Thank you for creating with WordPress 😉

June 20th 2008 News

11 Responses to “Over 10.000 downloads”

  1. Brian D Says:

    Hey, this plugin looks great. I think it would come in very handy for a site I’m working on. Trouble is I’m using WP 2.5.1. I see you posted here on June 20, but no mention of 2.5.x compatibility. Would it be helpful if I take it for a whirl on 2.5 and give feedback?

  2. kit Says:

    I found a workaround to my aforementioned bug:

    If I selecte ONE category to exclude from the home page, this bug does not happen. However, leaving all categories blank in the “home” section results in the bug.

  3. kit Says:

    Here’s the bug:
    I can’t seem to find a way to contact you outside of a comment on your blog, so here you go.

    # WordPress version – 2.5.1
    # PHP version – 5.2.5
    # MySQL server version – 4.1.22-standard
    # Language settings – English
    # Active WordPress plugins list –
    – Akismet
    – cforms 8.4.2
    – Democracy 2.0.1
    – GetWeather 1.2.1
    – Get Weather Widget 0.2
    – Gravatars2 2.6.2
    – Instant Upgrade 0.2
    – Private WP 1.0
    – Register Plus 3.0.2
    – Viper’s Video Quicktags 5.4.4
    – Visual.SpellCheck 0.95
    – WeatherIcon 2.0.1
    – Widgetized Democracy 0.1
    – WordPress Database Backup 2.1.5
    – WPG2 3.0.6
    – WPhone 1.4.2

    # Current theme – RefreshWP (modified)
    # Category list
    – Advertising 13
    Current Events 11
    Domestic 15
    Essays 1
    Friends & Family 32
    Humor 2
    Milestones 33
    Opinion 6
    Private 243
    Psychology 15
    Site News 13

    # Exlusion list – ALL of the above

    What I’m trying to do is actually exclude ALL CATEGORIES from my RSS feeds. Honestly what I want to do is just TURN OFF the RSS feeds completely, but the only plugin I’ve found to do this is your excluder.

    What is happening is that when I activate this plugin, it effectively eliminates all the RSS feeds. But when I go to my blog page, it reverses the order of my blog to show the oldest post first, instead of the most recent post first. It’s pretty odd.

    Have you heard of this happening before?

    Given that you made a plugin that excludes categories from an RSS feed, could you make a simple plugin to just eliminate RSS feeds altogether? Another alternative would be to allow RSS feeds, but rename the feed to a secret code or string of characters so that only people who have access to the blog’s page can see the RSS feed.

    Basically privacy is important to me and the RSS feed is a great big security leak.

    Any help you can offer would be AWESOME. 🙂


  4. DjZoNe Says:

    thank you very much for this detailed bugreport. I appreciate it, really.

    I’ll look deeper into it, and try to find the root of the problem.

    Brian D, it works up to 2.5.1, at least I am using under my personal blog, that runs with 2.5.1.

  5. Nachtmeister Says:

    Yes, it works with 2.5.1 … but, everytime, i have problems to find the settings 🙂

    They are really hidden…

  6. Oscar_master Says:

    Hi, I would like to report a bug:
    The category “Do you want the categories selected for Home section, to be hidden from category list as well?” is not working.

    I undestand that this tick serves to show or not all new posts in the recent posts widget. Cuerrenly tiked o un-tiked the hidden categoryes, didn’t appear in the recent posts.And I’d like to…

    Thanks for the Plug-in!

  7. Oscar_master Says:

    This is the site using your plug-in. The category sports is hidden.


  8. seb Says:

    excellent !!!

    thank you so much !!!!!!!!!!!

    Why don’t you have a pay to donate ????


  9. fried tomato Says:

    Your plugin looks more user-friendly than the Front Page Excluded Categories plugin it was based on.

    Alas, the only way I could get the ACE Dashboard –> Categories –> Usage screen, with its 5 columns of checkboxed options, was to disable Ozh’s “Admin Drop Down Menu” plugin.

    With Ozh’s “Admin Drop Down Menu” activated, the only part of your plugin that I could access was the first “settings” screen (it has the 2 checkboxes, one for “do you want the categories selected for Home section, to be hidden from category list as well?”). I tried it with both checkboxes checked – having no idea what either checkbox meant – but found that checking the checkboxes had no effect.

    I would like to be able to use Ozh’s “Admin Drop Down Menu” for Administrators plugin.


  10. Millisami Says:

    The same problem of not showing the “Categories” tab in admin section when using the Ozh Admin Drop Down plugin.
    It took me some time testing with other wp versions, but after googling, @fried addressed this problem.
    Yup, the plugin is awesome. But the author has to fix this asap.
    I’ll also try to see the plugin if I can modify the other menu items to display even if using Ozh AdminDrop menu.

  11. DjZoNe Says:

    I guess I’ll be really kind today, I start to fix, this menu bug, how ever, I never use fancy admin menu stuff 🙂