1.2.1 is out, to provide WordPress 2.6 support


This is just a bugfix version, because yesterday, a bug has been reported.
And I also add support for WordPress 2.6.

To be honest it was compatible with WP 2.6 before, and only the localization needs the correct wp-content directory path.

In the mean time, I found another bug, accoriding to the Dashboard. So 1.2.2 is the current version.

July 17th 2008 Releases

New release! 1.2 is ready :)


Yesterday I released the next version of Advenced Category Excluder plugin.

It has only 2 new features:

  • It now supports custom admin themes, and menu re stylers, such as Ohz Admin Drop Down Menu, Fluency Admin
  • Localization support
July 12th 2008 Releases