ACE version 1.2.3 is out!

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Finally it’s ready 🙂

This version contains own widgets, that can be activated also in the plugins tab.

Currently we have 3 widgets:

  • ACE Recent Comments
  • ACE Recent Posts
  • ACE Categories

Each of them can be used to replace, the original sidebar widgets. The options, and the functionality is the same, as the original ones, except, that these widgets do support your exclusion options.

By the way, this is the first version when I bundle translations as well.
A big thank you goes out to Mikael Jorhult for the Swedish translation, and I did the hungarian one.

I accept translations for other languages, thus I included the POT file, for localizers. SO translations are always welcome.

August 10th 2008 News, Releases

78 Responses to “ACE version 1.2.3 is out!”

  1. Newc Says:

    argh! after I sent the above comment, I saw the “Bugreport” page. So here’s my additional info…..

    MySQL: 5.0.66a-log
    PHP: 5.2.4

    Active WP plugins list:
    Admin Management Xtended v1.8.5
    Advanced Category Excluder v1.2.3
    Advanced Category Excluder Widgets v1.2.3
    Breadcrumb NavXT – Administration Interface v3.0.0
    Broken Link Checker v0.4.8
    Direct Images URLs for Galleries v1.0.0
    FD Footnotes v1.2
    Feedburner Feedsmith v2.3.1
    FeedBurner Feedsmith Stats v1.0.3
    Filosofo Hide Email Addresses v0.50
    Future Calendar v1.0
    Hash checker v1.2
    Image Rotator Basic vBasic1.0
    Inline Posts v2.1.2g (yup g)
    List category POsts v0.3
    Maintenance Mode v3.2
    No Browse Happy v0.1
    No self Pings v0.2
    Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu v2.3.4.1
    Page Link Manager v0.3
    Post template v3.1.0
    Remove Max Width v1.3
    Reveal IDs for WP ADmin v1.0.2
    Search Unleashed v0.2.22
    Sign Out Reminder v0.2
    Simple Image Link v1.4
    Smart Youtube v2.3.2
    Star Rating for Reviews v0.4
    TAC (THeme Authenticity Checker) v1.3
    Version INformation v1.1
    Widget Changer v1.2.5
    Widget Logic 0.43 Stats v1.3.2
    WordPress Database Backup v2.2.1
    WP-Codebox v1.3.1
    !P-PageNavi v2.31
    WP-Postviews v1.31
    WP-Postviews Widget v1.31
    WP More Feeds v0.15

    District & National
    Drop-in Discussions
    Eastman @ Washington Square
    ministerial reflections
    Outside 1st Universalist
    Past Sermons & Services
    Sermons & Services
    Special Announcements
    This Week This Month

    Drop-in Discussions
    ministerial reflections
    Past Sermons & Services
    Sermons & Services

    Also, this problem happened to me in a previous version of ACE. I got around it by removing the ACE Categories widget and activating the (regular) categories widget. So when I first saw this 6th category show up unbidden, I switched back to using the ACE Categories widget, to no avail. So I tried the regular categories widget again, to no avail. So I’m back using the ACE Categories widget.


  2. Geschenke Says:

    Excellent wordpress plugin , I downloaded and upgrade to ACE version 1.2.3 with not problems at all on my wordpress blog version 2.6 , it is working fine, just to let you know it.



  3. Mike Says:

    In ACE you can select the option: “Do you want the categories selected for Home section, to be hidden from category list as well?”
    My “problem”:
    I got 1 categorie that has to be excluded from the home section but show up in the categorielist, and I got another categorie that has to be excluded from the categorielist, but show up on the homepage.
    Would this be possible in a new version of ACE?

  4. rivermaya Says:

    I’m using Structure Theme from, and there’s tabs option on the sidebar, so I can’t replace with ACE recent post widget etc. if I using ACE widgets it can’t be like that theme tabbed. How can I fix it ? now the hidden category still showing up

  5. privatdietister Says:

    Hi there, nice plugin.. i just have one little problem.. please look at my site.. is there any way to display posts from category “hem” without displaying the specific fcategory in the category list? (I have remaned category to “Orter”). Happy for any help.. // SNURK

  6. ClearlyBiased Says:

    Seems promising. Are there installation instructions? I’d like to try it. Possibly others are in the same boat. I did try searching on this site for “install”.

    WordPress is a few days old on my Joomla! site of 2 years.

  7. Stenderup Says:

    When does the ACE works with Tags??

    That would be great

  8. Jeremy Says:

    Great plugin. I am using it to display Asides.

    I have one category that I want to exclude from the home page; works perfectly. But sometimes posts with that category also have another category. I want to exclude them from ACE Recent Posts widget.

    I think other people have the same request, but I could not see an answer.

  9. Ron Says:

    One would think that if someone takes the time to write a worthwhile pluggin then they would take equal time in writing an accurate installation procedure. The included README.txt states to copy the advanced_category_excluder.php file to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory. This falls far short of other requirements necessary to get this plugin to work. For example, the following also needs to be done:

    mkdir wp-admin/advanced-category-excluder/pages

    cp main.php into wp-admin/advanced-category-excluder

    cp categories.php, home.php, and tags.php into wp-admin/advanced-category-excluder/pages

    now activate the plugin

    Nothing kills an effort like poor documentation.

  10. Ron Says:

    or like a bad/inaccurrate comments.

    My current configuration for this plugin looks like this:


    categories.php home.php tags.php


  11. me too Says:

    Your plugin doesn’t show up in widget. Does I have to do any specific to active it?

  12. Jason Says:

    Can this plugin be used to post to different pages and inessense have blog within a blog. I have a local city website that I would like to have different news pages and be able to post to them seperately

  13. Ady DeeJay Says:

    Great plugin! Thanks!

  14. MyRdDiN Says:

    Hello, thanks for your plugin, that’s exactly what i search for a while…
    I just have two problems:
    First, on the menu of the archive page (who show number of posts by month), posts in the excluded categories are counted (for exemple for October it says to me there are 5 posts, but the 5 posts are in excluded categories so when i clic on the month, it show me an empty page)
    Second, excluded categories work fine with atom feed (wordpress/?feed=atom) but not with rss feed (wordpress/?feed=rss2) :/

  15. Dan Says:

    I seem to have an odd thing with the ACE recent posts widget: It’s not excluding items from any page BUT when the widget appears on the blog page (I have a static page for my home page). Which kind of kills the point of the widget.

  16. Reid Beels Says:

    Since this plugin excludes, or one could say “wipes out”, categories. I find the non-standard button labels of “Doit!” and “Wipe out!” to be kind of ambiguous.

  17. Neil Says:

    Same issue as Dan @ #65. The widget does nothing on static pages (which also includes my home page). Any solutions?

  18. DjZoNe Says:

    Neil, Dan I guess I’ll rewrite that part in the next release.

  19. Suchmaschinenoptimierung Says:

    Hi there! Thank you, Very nice plugin!

    Greetz from Germany 🙂

  20. Neil A Says:

    Also seeing issue with recent post widgets. Works great on home page but displays hidden posts on all other pages.

    But wanted to say thanks for the plugin as is gives everything I need. Will be perfect when wideget’s fixed 🙂

  21. Mandy Says:

    This is a nice plugin but there is a issue with WP TAGS. On a category I want to hide all post in that category the tags no longer work and 404. Yet a category that is not hidden the tags work fine. Any idea why this is?


  22. Serge Says:

    I have the exact same problem as Malte Landwehr. After installing finding out that the installation instructions are actually band and I need to add the whole unzipped folder to wp-admin and doing so, I click on ACE and get to wp-admin/advanced-category-excluder/main.php
    I get the error:
    PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_option() in /wp-admin/advanced-category-excluder/main.php on line 19,

    no I don’t have any “/” or weird chatacters in my category names.

    This plugin seems promising but I can’t even get it installed.

  23. Sam Says:

    I would like to request an option so that you include only ONE category on the homepage (but others may want this feature for other pages as well). For the non-coders, there isn’t much resource out there to do this, although this should be a simple command of using template tags and query_post. Regards.

  24. SteveAx Says:

    Hi DjZoNe,
    Great plug-in.. does exactly what I was looking for… not using the widgets just the basic plug-in. I have a blog with 2 categories… one category ‘News’ is just to be pulled and displayed on the html home page as a news box… so I want to completely hide any posts for thet category from showing up in the regular WP blog… all works well except that posts to the ‘News’ Category are linked to in the previous and next buttons whn viewing a single post… anyway you know of that I can prevent this?
    Thanks for the good work,

  25. Remo Says:

    How do I make the exclusions work with the wordpress widget calender?


  26. James Says:

    I want to use your basic ACE plug-in, but it won’t list all the categories I have. It cuts off after so many.

  27. Matt Says:

    Hey. Great plug-in. I’m having a problem, though. I want to hide my “Events” category, however, I don’t see it listed under ACE. The Events category is my EventsCalendar category, btw, and I’ve tried the “Do you want to display Event Calendar default category in the Categories tab?” option checked off (and on for kicks) to no avail. Thanks!

  28. Todd Scott Says:


    I had the same tag issue. I just added the following at the top of the ace_where() function in the ace-category-excluder.php file. This prevented any category exclusion when displaying tag archives.

    if(!empty($wp_query->is_tag)) return $where;