Advanced Category Excluder 1.3 is here!


Hey 😉

The next version of ACE has just came out. It contains main improvements, accodring to user requests, and it works with WordPress 2.7. Well, nothing serious changed in the new WordPress release that would prevent ACE to work as epected, but it sounds great anyway 😉

First of all, you’ll notice a new option in the options tab. With this option you can set, if you only want to enble exclusion in the widgets. Of course it will have NO affect, if you are not using our bundeled widgets 🙂

Another brand new stuff will be in the sections. You’ll find a Disable robots section. If you check this, every post in the selected category will be hidden from web crawlers, even if All in One SEO pack is installed 😉

There are some improvements as well. You’ll notice, that now widgets works more than perfectly. Let’s say you are at your home page, and you have excluded a category from the front, and also from the widgets. You won’t see any comment to any post in that category, even if you go deeper, into the blog. But if you are listing that categories posts, our you are watching a post that is in that excluded category, suddenly your recent comments, and recent posts widgets will show you the entries related to those categories. Cute, huh? 🙂

I want to say a special thank you for those of you, who have contributed to this release, with translation, idea, helped people in my project blog, or with patch/code.

You are:

  • Aaron D. Campbell
  • Jean-Michel MEYER
  • Mikael Jorhult
  • philtre
  • costela

And finally I want to thank you for your donations, that makes me feel proud. Not because of the value of the money I’ve received so far, but for the fact, that my work has value, and totally foreigners takes the time and the effort to transfer me money, and support this project.
Thank you very much.

December 14th 2008 Releases