ACE 1.4 is on the way

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Good news for all of you.

ACE 1.4 will be released during this week, and it will contain

  • bugfix for Archives widget (reported by Thomas)
  • new sections (by the request of Robert)
  • and the new Page exclusion feature for sure.

And maybe Blogroll link exclusion as well, If I ‘ll have time for that last one.

March 11th 2009 Releases

8 Responses to “ACE 1.4 is on the way”

  1. edward Says:

    Sounds great¡¡ , and feature Archives exclude for categories?

    best regards

  2. Robert Says:

    sound great, thanks

  3. Joris Says:


    I modified the configuration part a bit so it doesn’t need a dedicated submenu.

    I think this is more appropriate since you don’t change configuration that often, and it keeps the admin page cleaner. (especially if you’ve got many plugins installed)

    I hope you can include this in the next release.

  4. John Says:

    Could it be possible in a future version to have dual categories: one hidden and one visible? I have a series of smaller announcements in a sidebar widget (excluded) but occasionally wish to feature one of them in the main blog with an unexcluded second category. Thanks.

  5. David Says:

    I’m more than happy to make a donation because it looks like just the kind of thing I need. But I’m struggling to get it to work. For some reason activating the plug-in reverses the date order of all the posts on my (fairly basic) WP2.71 site. If you’ve come across this before, and can suggest a simple fix, please let me know. Thanks.

  6. Hakon Says:

    I’m pleased with this plugin, but after I upgraded to WP 2.7.1 I think I lost one feature I liked. I had category A visible and B hidden. When I published a post which was both in A and B it gets hidden now, but in earlier version it was shown. I like them to be shown. Is this my fault or a changed feature?

  7. Huskyman Says:

    Good news! Wait for 1.4!

  8. Bizznesman Says:

    thank you! I know that already an update version ACE 1.5, but does not want to pass, because all is liked now to me.