ACE 1.4.3


We came out again, with a bugfix release, that should solve the majority of your problems.

May 13th 2009 Releases

ACE 1.4.2


I was debugging in the past few days, the previously reported bug, according to category listing.
I solved this problem, and also restored ACE widgets 🙂
We are terribly sorry for the inconviences, but we hope everything will work just fine now.

May 5th 2009 News

ACE 1.4 is out


One and a half month passed since I’ve wrote about 1.4… But finally it’s here 😉

Let’s see what’s new here:

  • New exclusion methods
  • New helps for each option
  • Link exclusion by section
  • Link category exclusion by section
  • Page exclusion by section
  • New exclusion method
  • Genuine widget support

What have been removed

  • ACE recent posts
  • ACE categories

These widgets have been removed because now we are able to hook your exclude rules through the genuine widgets, so you do NOT need ACE recent posts widget and ACE categories widget. And now you’ll be able to use different page and post manipulation widgets as far as they handle standard wordpress hooks according to posts.

May 1st 2009 General