ACE 1.4.2

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I was debugging in the past few days, the previously reported bug, according to category listing.
I solved this problem, and also restored ACE widgets 🙂
We are terribly sorry for the inconviences, but we hope everything will work just fine now.

May 5th 2009 News

12 Responses to “ACE 1.4.2”

  1. Matteo Says:

    It could be useful if you add compatibility with K2 Theme. I tried ACE 1.4.1 and 1.3.2 with K2 1.0-RC7 and it does’nt work.

  2. DjZoNe Says:

    Nice idea, I’ll look what can be done about this.

  3. drysler Says:

    I just updated to 1.4.2 and using “wp_list_categories()” does not hide anything!?

  4. DjZoNe Says:

    If you want to use it, please edit row no. 497 in advanced-category-excluder.php, and remove the “//” from the beginning of the row.
    But wp_list_categories() is not supported offically. Please try to use the ACE Category widget instead.

  5. Maja Says:

    I can’t use ACE anymore. After I active it my blogroll is gone. Links are no longer appearing. Please fix this bug.

  6. DjZoNe Says:

    Have you checked out the ACE Dashboard > Links or Link categories ?

  7. RnbUncovered Says:

    I actually have the same problem as Maja but haven’t checked out ‘links or links categories’ Will do that tomorrow!

  8. Maja Says:

    DjZoNe, I haven’t checked anything. This appeared after I upgraded to the latest version. I hope this issue can be fixed.

  9. Thomas Says:


    Thanks for fixing the issue I reported on build 1.3.2 much appreciated.

  10. Pablo DiCiacco Says:

    Upgraded WP to 2.7.1 and ACE to 1.4 today. 1.4 is NOT working properly. I re-installed v1.3.2 and it works fine.

  11. Arnaud Says:

    Hi, I have updated ACE to 1.4.2 and then, the archives rss feeds stopped working for categories that I have excluded from the home and main rss feed. As previous version worked like a charm, I dug into your code and found something weird:

    In advanced-category-excluder.php, second line of function ace_where(). There is a “&& $force == 1” at the end of the if clause that seems to be always false.

    I have deleted it and my feed has restarted to work like expected.

    I suspect this line to be a remaining debug code but maybe you disabled this if-clause on purpose and I’m not getting why.

    Thanks for this excellent work!

  12. Arnaud Says:

    Is it the right place to report bugs ? This website’s “bugreport” page explain how to do it but not where to send it 🙂

    Still in ACE 1.4.2, In advanced-category-excluder.php, line 56. The filter function ace_getarchives_join() is empty (the code is commented). I have no idea why this is like but if you really want to disable this filter you should either remove the corresponding add_filter call or at least just return the $join param inside the function. Because as it is now, it just delete the initial join clause and any other custom filters effects. (that’s precisely why I found this bug)

    This plugin is really great and I’m glad if my feedbacks can help.