ACE 1.4.3

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We came out again, with a bugfix release, that should solve the majority of your problems.

May 13th 2009 Releases

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  1. Victoria Says:

    haven’t used it for anything complicated, really, but it works perfect for what I need! thanks!

  2. Barbara Says:

    Is it possible to have more than one instance of the widget available? My theme has 2 separate sidebars and a home page, all of which need an ACE widget?

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Sakthi Ganesh Says:

    Newly added categories are not displaying with ACE->Categories menu. ACE only shows the existing categories when it was installed and it can’t displays the newly created categories.

    I have cleared my cookies lot of time to update but nothing works

  4. darklord Says:

    Not bad, but still short of some vital functionality.

    If you make a site with a lot of PAGES (ie. more a CMS type site than a blog) you want control of categories on specific pages…not just in what you call ‘sections’, which is too general.

    For example…I use a page called INTRO as my home page. I then have another page called BACKGROUND and another page called EXPEDITIONS (and several more pages). On each of these pages I need to display different category content. So the inclusion/exclusion needs to be on a ‘per page’ basis, not just via vague sections. I might have 100 pages and have no individual control over what is shown on them.

    If you can address this ‘real world’ publishing situation, then you might have something. (I mean, it isn’t really that important to list search and disable-robot sections, is it! Think real, think pages….it’s where peoples’ CONTENT is!)


  5. Jeton R Says:

    I have a problem, when i select a category to be hidden in posts, all the posts that are in that category won’t open. This so far is normal but if the post has other categories why not only disable one category to apear not all of them!!!

  6. Craig Says:

    For some reason it has bloated my wp_options table to 76,000 entries. Do you know why or how to fix?

  7. Berbomj Says:

    Thank you fot this plugin.)

  8. Melissa Says:

    Would love to ask you a detailed question about your ACE category excluder ie, it’s not working properly for my pages, need to give you all the details according to your bugreport page – but I can’t for the life of me find your email address anywhere on the site. Your email would be wonderful. Ta in advance.

  9. Bryce Says:

    We just upgraded to 1.4.3, and suddenly our blogroll wasn’t showing up. The problem was inside of ace_get_bookmarks(). I dumped $links_to_exclude and $linkcategories_to_exclude, and both were an array of length 1 with an empty/null value in the only entry. It turns out that all of my links had no value for $bookmarks[$i]->term_id, and thus the term_id was in $linkcategories_to_exclude. My fix was to change:

    if (in_array($bookmarks[$i]->link_id,$links_to_exclude) || in_array($bookmarks[$i]->term_id,$linkcategories_to_exclude))


    if (($bookmarks[$i]->link_id && in_array($bookmarks[$i]->link_id,$links_to_exclude)) || ($bookmarks[$i]->term_id && in_array($bookmarks[$i]->term_id,$linkcategories_to_exclude)))

    Does this seem like a legitimate bug/fix?

  10. Sam Says:

    Hi, I’m running wpmu 2.8.6 under PHP 5.3, and I’m noticing that the ace_where() and ace_join() functions are marked with the pass-as-reference signifier. This is also causing draft posts on the blog to be shown as full posts. I’ve dropped the & from the function declaration, and all seems well, but I haven’t tested it very thoroughly.

  11. wparena Says:

    I have found this plugin to be virtually indispensable for theme development, included this plugin in my article

  12. nick Says:

    Hi. Interesting plugin.

    However I have one – major – gripe.
    If I manually insert this code:

    into a theme template file where I want to list my pages while excluding one, I reckon my HARD CODE should be able to override your plugin, or rather that they work in tandem.

    Instead, your plugin OVERRIDES my hard code!

    So I have to go in and tick off/on every box for things that I’ve already coded into the theme.

    That’s pretty major, because if ever your plugin gets turned off, sure my code will default but you’re misleading developers who think their code is solid when your plugin essentially hijacks their output.


  13. nick Says:

    sorry. forgot to consider your comments will strip my code sample.

    it’s PHP and it looks like this, you know how it would be written:

    php wp_list_pages(‘title_li=&depth=1&exclude=3086’);

  14. Evan Says:

    Hello –

    It seems that when a category is excluded from Search, this means both admin search and regular search.

    Is there a way to prevent a category from appearing in user search but not admin search?

  15. Tobi Says:

    i’ve tried the solution of “nick” but i just get the same result than before. My provider updated to PHP5.3 and since this action, ACE won’t run anymore.
    Can anybody help me?

  16. kalengi Says:

    For those of you getting the “Parameter 1 to ace_where() expected to be a reference” error:
    The functions ace_where() and ace_join() are filters. Their parameters &$where and &$join respectively do not need to be passed by reference since filter functions in WordPress are expected to return values anyway. Removing the preceding ‘&’ as recommended by Nick and Sam is not going to break your site at all so tweak to your heart’s content 🙂

    @DjZoNe: You’re the plugin author so I stand corrected.

  17. MoiMM Says:

    Don’t work with WordPress 2.9.1 !!

    Please make a update please !!!!!

    Thanks ! 🙂

  18. Joaquin Says:

    Hi guys! Thanks for this amazing plugin! Unfortunately it’s not working with 2.85 WP versions.. any idea of when would you be able to update it?


  19. Shaun Says:

    Has anyone found a fix for Hakon’s issue on post #3!?

    Yes please make fix for 2.9.1 I can’t upgrade until this is working on it.

    Thanks. 🙂

  20. Seb Says:

    Same here, doesn’t work with 2.9.1

    This is such a great plugin, please update it!

    Thanks a lot

  21. se nuke detonator Says:

    Keep working ,great job!

  22. Giles Lawrence Says:

    As above…

    Our site has crashed out and gone all RED…

    Any idea when a fix will be made??

  23. Tobi Says:

    “I got the solution. Replace in advanced-category-excluder.php:
    &$where > $where
    &$join > $join
    &$args > $args”

    i tried this bugfix. i’m using PHP5.3 but the plugin won’t work.
    Please help me!
    My Website can’t live without ACE!

  24. Sebastian Says:

    This plugin is great, but it isn’t working with WordPress 2.9 and up. Is there going to be an update soon, or what’s happening? Please, keep us informed!

    Thanks /S

  25. tunermag Says:

    Does not work with 2.9!

  26. DjZoNe Says:

    New ACE 1.5 is coming, in a week or so.

    With native Categories Widget support, new widgets options, and PHP 5.3 work arounds.

  27. Robert Says:

    I look forward to seeing the updated version and trying it out. This is a very popular plugin as I can see!!! Thank you for all your hard work, we appreciate it!

  28. TomasN Says:

    I just have installed wordpress 2.9.2 and the plugin ACE 1.4.3. When I activated the plugin, the sentence in my index.php

    $wp_query = new WP_Query (‘cat=2&posts_per_page=3&paged=2’);

    did not work anymore. Now the index.php shows all post from all categories including the revision of the posts (as they were real posts), weird!! I decided to remove the plugin. When I did it, everything became normal as before, that is, index.php shows only the posts with category 2.

    Please try it that way.


  29. TomasN Says:

    Forgot mention that I have installed PHP 5.3.1 and Apache 2.2.14 on my server. I say that because the plugin EventCalendar for WP has problems on PHP 5.3.1 in the call to functions with arguments passed by reference, for example, functions of the type my_function(&$var). In this case the function must be corrected to my_function($var). Maybe it is the same case for ACE 1.4.3 in PHP 5.3.1.


  30. Ron Says:

    My IT department recently changed servers and PHP versions. As a results, Advanced Category Excluder was severely messing up my website. I am using WordPress 2.8.5. The version of PHP IT is using is 5.3.0. When I deactivate ACE, everything works again.

    Here are the symptoms when ACE is activated:

    1. The home page and each category page attempts to display every post, page and media item as it would display a post.

    2. Every category page lists every post, page and media item, not just the posts for that category.

    3. The home page and each category page lists lists multiple versions of the same post. The number of versions might correspond to the number of revisions to a post, perhaps including any auto-saves.

    4. The dashboard lists 1,353 posts, 529 pages, 29 categories which is correct.

    5. Underneath “Edit Posts” on the admin Edit Posts page, the correct numbers are listed for “All”, “Published” and “Drafts”. However, on the right-hand side of the “Edit Posts” page, it reads “Displaying 1-15 of 2,768 posts (instead of 1,355).

    6. The Edit Posts page lists not only all posts, but also every Page and Media Item. It also lists many pages multiple times consistent with the number of times the post appears (wrongly) on the home page or a category page.

    7. When you try to conduct a search for a particular term in a post, it returns every post, page or media item, regardless of whether or not the term appears in the post, page or media item

    8. The Edit Pages page, behaves like the Edit Posts page, correct identifying the number of pages under “All”, “Published”, “Scheduled”, etc., but reading “Displaying 1-15 of 2,768 posts (instead of 1,355). It also lists all posts, pages and media items, but in alphabetical order.

    9. The Media Library page does the same, correctly identifying the correct number of pages under “All”, and “Images” but reading “Displaying 1-15 of 2,768 posts (instead of 1,355). It also lists all posts, pages and media items.

    Any thoughts?