ACE is not dead – 1.5 is coming


Actually, I was not updating ACE, since I havn’t got ANY problems with it, on the sites I’am using it, on a daily basis.

Thus I can’t do anything with comments that say “it does not work with wp 2.9”. Because it does work. Although if you can’t see any difference for example in widgets, it  can be a theme issue. Or if it’s suddenly stop working, it can be an ISP issue, who upgraded PHP wihtout notifying you.

Please, if you really want to help, stop saying “it does not work”, please describe the problem correctly, than I could help ypu work it out.

About the new version

New exclusion sections have been added like 404 error page, Attachment page and so on.
New native Categories widgets support have been added, and there is a new configuration page for Categories Widget. Recent comments and Recent posts configuration is on the way. It will be available in final ACE 1.5.

And also some translations have been submitted in the mean time.
I’ll include them as well.

February 4th 2010 Releases