I want to say a few words, about bug reporting.

To tell the truth, I can’t do anything about bugreports like “tags don’t work”, it “doesn’t work”, “I’ve checked it, but it ignores”, “it mixes up my RSS feed”.

As you mighty know, we have a wide range, of WordPress releases that you can download, and you. We always recommended, the current stable version, but we don’t want to force everybody to upgrade. This is true about your PHP and MySQL as well.

So, for a useful bugreport I’ll need to following parameters:

  • WordPress version
  • PHP version
  • MySQL server version
  • Language settings
  • Active WordPress plugins list
  • Current theme
  • Language settings
  • Category list
  • Exlusion list
  • And a long description of your problem. If less than 50 words, it’ll be totally useless. Thus, I’ll don’t get what your problem is, and how can I re-enact it.