Ready for 1.0.5?

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I thought before releasing v1.1 I want another let’s say “final” (bugfix) version.
What was changed since 1.0.4

  • Support for the old MySQL 4.0 database engine family
  • Bugfix for custom named posts database table (reported by Tiago)
  • Dashboard design fix
October 20th 2007 Releases

1.0.4 is out!


The last 3 releases has just small bugfix changes (and support for wordpress 2.3), but they won’t worth to post about it.

But in this release I’m using two patches, that has been given to me.

  • The first patch arrived from Jim Hinds. It was fixing a bug according to the tag system. I’m thankful for his work, because I cannot reproduce that kind of bug he had.
  • The second one came by email from Paul Sweeney. His patch disables the filter options, when we are using the admin for category listing.

So, now we are really ready for you WordPress 2.3 🙂

Thank you guys!

October 15th 2007 Releases

First release! v1.0


For a couple of days I was looking for a plugin for my blog, that can hide some categories, form the front page. After I discovered, that I need to hide them as well from the RSS feeds. And after I’ve figured out that what I want a plugin that I can control categories to be displayed or hidden, in different parts of the blog.

For example I’m planning to write technical articles in english. But I’m writing my blog in hungarian… And maybe most of people who are reading my blog won’t be interested in such technical subject, but those who are using my blog’s RSS feed maybe interested in technical articles.

So I’ve written a plugin for WordPress that can solve the problem mentioned above.
This plugin was written from scratch, but it has been inspired by Front Page Excluded Categories Plugin by Sean O’steen and Jason York.


  • controls which category would appear in which part
  • handles empty categories
  • hides Blogroll from category list
  • support for Event Calendar
July 20th 2007 General, Releases